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Bcon Medical

Precision surgery for cancer treatment

About Bcon Medical

Amsterdam | December 2021

In more than 20% of the operated cancer patients, surgery is inadequate. In these cases, either surgical resection margins still show tumor cells or too much healthy tissue is removed or damaged. Tumor positive resection margins are a strong predictor for tumor recurrence, while damage to healthy tissue can result in long lasting complications such as urinary incontinence or sexual dysfunction. A surgeon has to balance between radical tumor resection and sparing healthy tissue. Bcon medical develops state-of-the-art navigation solutions to guide surgeons during complex surgical procedures. Our focus is on making electromagnetic navigation solutions available and affordable for all surgical oncology hospitals.

Next generation

This precise and safe guidance to the tumor location allows a higher percentage radical tumor resections and spares more healthy tissue, improving patient outcomes in surgical oncology. In addition, a full understanding of the surrounding anatomy and the position of the tumor increases decision taking during complex surgical procedures, decreasing procedure time.

“Advanced tracking of surgical instruments in the patient anatomy with state of the art sensor technology, the result of 8 years of research in clinical practice by surgeons, guides the surgical procedure with high precision.”

Nijs van der Vaart , Managing director

Improved patient outcomes

Increased capabilities to improve patient outcome by: precise and safe guidance to tumor location and radical tumor resection, sparing healthy tissue.

Meet Our Crew

Dedicated team members

Nijs van der Vaart

Managing director

Katja de Gouw

Marketing & Communication

Robin de Paus

Software architect

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