The HUMAN+ Fund is established to provide complementary funding opportunities for biomedical research projects with demonstrable, promising impact for patients. Many high potential projects are shelved because of insufficient funding.

Consequently, charities have a pipeline of projects waiting for support and funding. HUMAN+ focuses on the so-called translational phase, the translation of outcomes of biomedical research into applications in humans.

Not all biomedical projects are eligible for co-funding by HUMAN+, for instance:

  • Basic scientific research
  • Projects without a clear translational objective
  • Research aimed to extend patents for existing pharmaceutical products

Multiplier & acceleration

HUMAN+ participates in high potential projects supported by collaborating, international experts and funders. By utilizing HUMAN+ co-funding, charities are able to co-fund and participate in more projects.

Project management

After approval of funding by HUMAN+, the project is incorporated in a new company. Together with the project leader/applicant the new organization will be structured and management will be appointed. Thus we ensure full inclusion of the research and project expertise as well as appropriate company management from the start.

Funding takes place step by step on the basis of delivery of milestones defined in advance by the project applicant and HUMAN+.

Management remuneration

HUMAN+ fund is structured and managed ‘lean and mean’. We work with the so-called cost-plus model, avoiding unnecessary commercial margins. Annual reporting will highlight costs according to the Total Expense Ratio (TER).

HUMAN+ fund management receives a fixed renumeration, below general market standards. Fund management will share in the outcomes in case of successful project completion and continuation of the companies. As such all stakeholders share equal interests.

Return and projection

Funding of/investing in early phase biomedial research projects is considered a high risk venture. Though participants strive for returns on their investments, the primary focus is creating impact for patients.

At the same time, HUMAN+ manages risk of the new companies by the innovative combination of its assessment and selection procedures as well as providing support, monitoring, and recruiting highly competent and experienced company management.

Risk management

Transparency for participants requires alignment of objectives and clear performance indicators along the entire investment pathway. Appointments and expectations are checked and monitored regularly. Access to an array of multidisciplinary top experts globally, organised by EATRIS is a key asset for the researchers as well as project management.

Investment risks are managed by:

  • Project screening by national and international experts
  • Financial selection and project funding by funders/investors, who choose their risk profiles and designate future profits individually
  • Projects which are always co-funded by – preferably – three or more funders/investors who thus spread their risk
  • Along the investment pathway, milestones and key performance indicators are defined, allowing to manage risk, intervene and adjust, whenever necessary


The governance structure ensures adequate representation of biomedical and financial knowhow and experience. HUMAN+ fund statutes provide the appropriate stipulations to exclude any conflict of interest. Rules and directives of the NL Authority Financial Markets are applicable.

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