About us

HUMAN+ is established to make the development of new pharmaceutical products and diagnostics more effective and to accelerate the development process


Biomedical research with potential benefit to patients often doesn’t reach the market because of lacking product development expertise combined with inadequate funding. In particular, the translational phase from basic scientific research towards product development may be inadequately funded by public funds, and is too early for private, commercial investors to step in. This is a missed opportunity because later stage investors bring not only funding but also product development expertise and focus to the process.

HUMAN+ is established to make the development of new pharmaceutical products and diagnostics more effective and to accelerate the development process. HUMAN+ organises structural availability of international experts and collaboration among public- and private funders to foster effective project selection and product development.

Why Human+?

Development of new pharmaceutical products is stagnating. Though new discoveries arise at an ever-increasing pace, translation of biomedical research outcomes into new products for patients does not match this pace. The key causes:

  • Scientific research focuses on new discoveries and new technologies as measured by publication output. On the other hand, development of a new pharmaceutical products focuses on the patient, the product and the feasibility to bring the product to the market, with improving human health and societal benefit as a measurable output.
  • Basic scientific biomedical research is mostly funded by public funds, while product development is funded by companies and other private investors. Private investors mitigate risk by stepping into the development pipeline at a later stage. Consequently, the gap between public and private funding increases. This gap can be measured in terms of timing, in risk appetite, and in product development experience which are often mismatched through the translational phase of biomedical research.

Funding & focus gaps

The initiators

HUMAN+ was initiated by Clayton Heijman, founder of Privium Fund Management, initiator of innovative investment funds, in collaboration with the Netherlands Organization for Health Research (ZonMw), Reumafonds, the Cooperation of NL Health Charities (SGF), INKEF Capital and two family offices. These ‘Founding Members’ contributed to the establishment of HUMAN+ and offer their expertise. Ongoing fund management is supported by the Council of Experts, consisting of delegates from:

  • the Cooperation of NL Health Charities (SGF)
  • ZonMw
  • INKEF Capital
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • Academia

The Council of Experts is chaired by the Portfolio Manager. The delegates are experts in the field of medical patents, charities, government, pharmaceutical industry, academia and investment management. Additional expertise is available from a wide range of international experts.

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