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About us

Human+ Fund accelerates high potential discoveries for the benefit of patients.

Human+ Fund supports innovative product development in biomedical technology, diagnostics and pharma products. The fund brings outcomes of biomedical research to market faster, increasing impact for patients and generating a return on investment for funders.

Human+ bridges the gap between public and private funding

Development of new biomedical products is stagnating. New discoveries arise at an ever-increasing pace, while translation of research outcomes into new products and treatments for patients does not match this pace. Key causes:

Scientific research focuses on new discoveries and new technologies primarily measured by publication output.

Basic scientific biomedical research is mostly funded by public funds, while product development is funded by companies and other private investors, with an inadequate route to navigate from one to the other.

Private investors increasingly mitigate risk by stepping into the development pipeline at a later stage. Consequently, the gap between public and private funding increases.

Human+ supports bridging this gap by combining improved project risk mitigation and by sharing funding risk.

Return on Investment = Impact

By contributing to more efficient and effective translation from biomedical research into biomedical products, investors and funders create impact for patients and achieve a return on investment.

Human+ offers a unique co-financing model to foster high potential research projects and bring the outcomes to patients.

The Human+ business model is ‘lean and mean’, with low overhead costs. Investors and funders are assured that the highest achievable percent of contributions and investments are dedicated to approved projects.

By its risk mitigation and risk management strategies from project selection on, Human+ combines Return on Impact and a Return on Investment targets for its funders.

HUMAN+ is established to make the development of new pharmaceutical products and diagnostics more effective.


Human+ Fund and organisation

Human+ was initiated by Clayton Heijman, founder of Privium Fund Management and Frank de Man in collaboration with the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research (ZonMw), Reumafonds and two family offices. These ‘founding partners’ contributed to the establishment of Human+ and offer their expertise. Ongoing fund management is supported by the Human+ team of experts and advice by international renowned experts in the field of biomedical research, medical patents, pharmaceutical industry, academia and investment management.


Human+ Fund governance ensures adequate representation of biomedical and financial knowhow and experience. General partner Human Plus BV statutes and the Limited Partnership Agreement preclude any conflict of interest. Human Plus BV adheres to rules and directives of the Netherlands’ Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), where applicable.

Meet the team

Dedicated team members

Frank de Man

Co Director / Fund manager

Frank has a track record in organizing international scientific research and accelerating, financing young companies. Frank is co-founder of Human+ and first executive director of EATRIS. 

Peter Sijmons

Fund team member

Peter is founder and director of Szienz BV, software company for the life science industry. He held scientific and executive positions in NL biotech companies, is jury member in various venture challenges, teaches entrepreneurship in life sciences at NL-universities and advises biotech start-ups.

Clayton Heijman


Clayton is the founder and owner of Privium Fund Management, an independent asset management company.  He is the founder of Human+ Fund

Connie Lamphen

Co Director

Connie Lamphen is an accredited solicitor and mediator, specialised in family law in The Netherlands. She has a board membership at “Stichting TussenThuis”, a facility for children with divorced parents. From her professional and personal situation she feels committed to the initiatives of Human+ and is a Director for non-investment activities.

This fund was initiated in memory of Sandra Heijman.


Human+ Fund