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Patient benefit at the core of your investment.

Human+ is an early-stage investment fund that accelerates the translation of innovative biomedical research into products and treatments.

The translational gap

The development of new biomedical products is stagnating due to the gap between scientific research and product development. While new scientific discoveries arise at an ever-increasing pace, translation of these research outcomes into new products and treatments for patients is lagging behind.

Bridging the gap

Human+ supports bridging this translational gap through improved project risk mitigation and shared funding risk.

Investment ProjectsHigh potential innovations

The Smart Insufflator

Spatium Medical introduces the world’s first medical insufflator that ensures stable workspace at lowest insufflation and ventilation pressure with three patented technologies addressing three unmet needs.

Precision surgery for cancer treatment

Bcon Medical designs electromagnetic navigation systems to improve cancer surgery.

Preventing death from colorectal cancer

CRCBioScreen has a single objective – preventing death from colorectal cancer. The company’s early diagnostic multiFIT combines three protein biomarkers to
increase the yield of CRC screening.

For whom

Together we can 

Human+ provides an exquisite opportunity for scientists, funders and investors to jointly develop effective medical products and diagnostics for patients.


Human+ offers a unique co-financing model to foster high potential research projects and bring the outcomes to patients.


Human+ combines Return on Impact and sound Return on Investment targets for its funders.


Project selection and funding eligibility

Biomedical research institutes including university medical centres select from high potential research projects.

Selected projects are transferred
into spin-off companies.

The research institute or partners on
behalf of them, commit to co-funding.

Human+ Fund